Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day - Cross Training

I've been reading this site about exercises that improve your stride length and your running power. There are some arguments made for and against some of the exercise programs. I can see that I will need to experiment with this as well and see what is the most beneficial. Since I am running to get fit, rather than win an Olympic race, I need to take some of these optimization exercises with a grain of salt and look at using my off days for:
  • improving my over-all health
  • general strengthening and flexibility
  • inducing fat burning
  • having fun
I will none the less try the three exercises (high bench step up, one leg squat, one leg hops) mentioned in this website today. I think they do fit within the 4 points I have stated above.

"Good morning! Good morning! We talked the whole night through ...."

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