Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Race-Pace Run

What's the term I'm looking for?

I started to run my pace much faster than my target knowing that I'll gradually slowdown at the end, but I began to slow down a lot as I had no energy left. I ate some pasta last night, but it wasn't enough. I want to fill up with the complex carbohydrates, but my family has for many years been against carbs of any sort and so the dietary change is as difficult as pulling teeth.

Ran at a 6:42 pace but wanted to run below 6:00. I started out good: first k was 5:45, the next 500 m was a cool 2:12, and then I ran through about 2 k of poured concrete! I did feel like I was pushing myself, but to hit a wall after 1.5 k? I am on a calorie reduced diet, but I don't believe it's that reduced.


Johann said...

I always do the opposite, start slow and save energy to go faster or keep my pace to the end. The “what-to-eat” thing is always difficult.

Andrew Opala said...

Interesting I have seen this tactic in many people. I have also seen the longer distance runners try to to the best times somewhere in the heart of their running, not at the start or the end. I have so many things to experiment with that running will be fun for a long time!

The Boring Runner said...

yeah, good experiment there. I've always been taught that for every min you "bank" at the start of a race you pay back at the end - with interest. Looks like your interest was a little higher than prime this run.

But, it happens. Sorta like in golf - can't all be holes in one. Cest la vie.