Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mission Sunday and day 21 of 21

I thought about running for most of the mass today. [That's a change as I usually think only about sex ... LOL. P.S. that's humor!] I wondered about how Jesus sent out the apostles armed with nothing - not even shoes - and asked them to accept the kindness of strangers they were to preach to. And now we have this religion that has about a quarter of the World's population.

It seems that equipment is not as important as desire ( ... and being blessed with the right group of people).

Speaking of the right group of people, I spoke with one of my running teachers and she told me about pre-race prep, when to pick up your bag of goodies, race t-shirt, chip, bib number etc. Plus she gave me the most common-sense piece of advice possible - go to a local race before the race you are going to run and just see how it's setup! She gave me lots of info about where to stand if you know what time you will run, etc.

I also found out that at least another of my classmates has decided to run regularly now that the MBA studies are over. Good luck to us both!

Will run my 21st day tonight ... couldn't find any cool time to run this morning, plus we have guests for a BBQ today. After 8 pm it should fall below 29°C in Mississauga.

[... 11 hours later]

Did our 30 mins of 5/1 x 5 and ran 3.55 k. Really wanted to run faster today. My wife was a little tired - she really missed that week she was in London. She will be able to catch up soon and be pacing me! Very very hot - still 29°C when we left for the run!

Tomorrow we start the 8 week program to run the 5k.


The Boring Runner said...

Ha - if that mass quip was anything like the rest of this blog is going to be...I think I'm going to like it!! (thanks for stopping by mine)

Andrew Opala said...

I am honored to have the Boring Runner himself. Does your quest for 50 take you to Niagara in the fall? You could run the marathon that crosses the border part way and do NY and Canada all at once.