Friday, July 23, 2010

4k run in the Rain (starting to get worried)

1k Split:6:46
2k Split:7:04
3k Split:7:47
4k Split:8:06

My wife on a bike and me on my feet - we did a decent 4k run in less than 30 mins in the pouring and dribbling rain. No runners anywhere. I saw most of the ghosts that pass me when I was driving to work. They obviously waited for the rain to stop before going out.

I wonder if I should worry about this too? Actually I wonder if I shouldn't be worried about more things? I'm still enthusiastic and I really want to run EVERY day ... [screw the friggin Hal Higdon training schedule with all those rest days!]

I'm reading about 33-year-old runners with gout, 29-year-old runners recovering from knee surgery, 45-year-olds recovering from foot surgery. I read that one guy does not run outside if there is a 40% chance of precipitation. Why the frig is this passing me by? I want to be a friggin runner. I run like a castrated bull with two wooden legs and a paralyzed ass! I have had people stop in their cars in my neighborhood and ask if I need a lift somewhere [... like a hospital].

Shouldn't I be worried about something?

[P.S. Skipped the tight pants today (see vulcan nut pinch). Baking soda makes no difference after one day of use in the left shoe. Will use it today as well (see fart suit).]


Chris K said...

Andrew, dude, don't think so much. BTW, rest days are CRUCIAL. All joking aside, I suggest you contact Coach Jeff Kline. He is a coaching savant. He lives in CO and I'm guessing that 90% of his clients do not. He works with beginning runners to elites. Not pricey either.

Andrew Opala said...

Chris! Thanks for the advice - maybe it's just my style that I don't seem to worry about stuff. It just looks like a lot of runners I have met are worried about something. I though to be a runner you need to worry about something.

This guy? jkline (at) runfitusa (dot) com
4819 E White Rock Circle Boulder Co 80301
tel: 303-530-2072 mobile: 720-422-9927

BTW you look ripped by the pool in your last post - my wife saw that and asked me to invite you to dinner!