Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kick Ass Race-Pace Run!

Hydrated and ate my pasta and a 1/2 a bagel last night.

0.5 k Split - 2:45
1.0 k Split - 3:14 (uphill) / 5:59 !!!
1.5 k Split - 3:30 (uphill) .... this combined time for 1.5 k matched my earlier race-pace time
2.0 k Split - 3:32 / 7:02
2.5 k Split - 3:24 (downhill)

My wife kept me going by urging me on to hit my goals! The first 800 metres or so were the fastest running I could do, and then I slowed down. Hydration and eating seem good for this race. I did feel a little bloated from the pasta last night. But still felt better today than lots of other days. I'm going to keep tuning this for next Wednesday.

Interesting how nutrition helped with my times just separated by two days.

2 days agotoday
1k Split7:205:59
2k Split7:327:02


Johann said...

That's a big difference. I do shorter, faster runs from time to time on Saturday mornings. If I go late and don't eat much the night before or many hours before the run I suffer badly.

The Boring Runner said...

NICE WORK!!!!! Some runs are crappy and others are awesome. Looks like you had a bit of the latter on this one!