Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday - better late than never

Mass today was a lesson in persistence. The persistence of prayer and the compassion of God. Plus at 4 p.m. the Vicars blessed every mode of transportation possible with St. Christopher's blessing. Again a running theme - persistence in training will pay off and feet are blessed!

My wife and I went to Shakespeare in the Park - Romeo and Juliet. The girl that played Juliet was an excellent actress and the guy that played the nurse was fantastic (with excellent comedic relief). We sat on our as*es for an hour and 45 minutes but I did get a chance to stretch my knees in new and unusual ways to avoid kicking the lady in front of us eating her Bree and sipping her Rosé. There were loads of metro-sexuals with purses and girlfriends that never stopped talking about "developing their interior decorating skills." There were several older couples like us at the performance that would look to each other and us to illicit some support at being in this sea of Axe. Where's the old spice guy when you need him?

I do have to nod my head at the humor in Axe commercials as well, and below is one that's pretty funny.


The Boring Runner said...

have you seen the Old Spice guy's response to his twitter questions? What a riot.

Andrew Opala said...

He answers only the users with over a million followers now. He used to answer anyone that wrote to him.

I'm waiting for the dos equis guy to start doing something funny like this - can't get enough of that guy either.

... swan dive!