Saturday, July 17, 2010

Port Credit Again

Ran a very leisurely 3.31 k in 30 mins along the boardwalk and streets in Port Credit. A very very light run as today is an "EZ" scheduled run.

I'm noticing a lot of improved breathing technique, stamina and enjoyment from running. Then I also have this terrifying ability to sprint after about 2 km of running at a very fast pace. It seems I am all warmed up and my body just wants to take off! I did a 100 m in the middle of the jog in about 11 seconds!

Where is this energy coming from? And why do I feel so good running?

On the right you have a few little pictures of Port Credit that we run through. The top is the light house in the harbor that only turns on to blind drivers going over the bridge, and the Adamson Estate below that is now a Royal Conservatory of Music venue and a place for wedding pictures.

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