Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yeehaa Jester's Dead

Did a very good race-pace today over a very short distance. My wife kicked ass! (mine). I ran a measly 1.68k in 10:35 giving me a 1k pace of 6:17! My wife was waiting at the finish line looking at the flora and fauna, doing her nails, yawning. Thanks for the motivation babe.

I must say - that was fun ... didn't like how the coughing was interfering with the breathing though. I think the strategy has to be: stop, cough up the horker, and start running again. Multitasking a la Adamrisu is not going to cut it when it concerns breathing.


CEP has offered to give Adamrisu's readers either a pair of compression socks or sleeves if you follow the rules to win on his blog.

Good luck!

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