Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sports Drink

I've found my sports drink for after working out: Chocolate Milk.

Here's some (biased?) sources:

And there are some folks in my household that are not very happy with this choice ... they'd prefer I drink some multivitamin-supercharged green-tea-infused black-current-goji-juice-soy with Himilayan-Lama-nut-extract crap that costs more than our cable bill and tastes like freshly-cut-grass juice.

I hope that person doesn't read my blog, cuz I can kiss those massages goodbye!

I want to thank Rudy for the great link to the milk marketing board. We need someone defending the antibiotic-filled, over-crowded, cattle-torturing milk factories. I have one word for all you haters: "Moooooo!" I'm a convert.


wendy said...

I always drink chocolate milk after a hard run, too. People in my house I am weird : )

wendy said...

BTW- "The Middle is one of my favorite songs!"

Andrew Opala said...

Thanks - I hope it can get me to finish my first race in about 75 days. I've only been running for the last 4 weeks. [... boy are my legs tired]

Chris K said...

Hey Andrew, thanks for following my Blog! I will definitely stop back here too. Looks like you also visit Wendy's, Adam's, and 'lil Rad Runner. Very cool.

Andrew Opala said...

Welcome Chris!