Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting the Stink Out

I've been looking at a number of sites with ideas on keeping the stinkiness out of my closet. [I enjoy the smell of myself. In fact I had a special suit designed just so that I could enjoy the smell longer ...]

Before this degrades totally, I've been looking at getting my shoes to smell less like me and more like the stinky plastic on day one after purchase. There are a good number of suggestions on the web, and I will try them all and then hold a smell off after each. I'll leave one shoe as a control case and will perform all the operations on the other shoe. I've found the following solutions that seem plausible:

  1. Wearing non-cotton running socks (about.com)
  2. Foot powder like Gold Bond
  3. Putting Dr. Scholl's or Ceder insoles in (wikihow.com)
  4. Store shoes in a cool, dry place
  5. Alternate running shoes (howtostartrunning.com)
  6. Wash your inserts or whole shoe
  7. Putting a dryer sheet or baking soda in them after running (about.com)
  8. Put them in a freezer (answers.com)
Today was a great cross-training day and I did my regularly scheduled weight routine! Tomorrow is a race-pace 2.4k run! I can't wait.

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The Boring Runner said...

One thing to look into are stuffits. http://www.stuffitts.com/ They are cedar filled and soak up moisture which is where it all starts.

Also, I've found if you take out the liners and run a hair dryer over them a few times after you're done runninmg they dry out quicker and don't smell as much.