Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CT day

Cross training day today. Did my free weights this morning using large muscle groups to work on my abdomen/back, thighs/legs/groin and chest/arms.

Tomorrow is a short race-pace 1.6 k. I want to accurately time the streets I pass so that I can get down to a 6 min pace. Mapmyrun.com seems to make slight errors in distance when you have lots of non-perpendicular streets and use the "follow roads" option. Regardless the map it produced is at the right.

Need to reach Westfield in 3 mins., then just before Jonathan in the count of 6 mins., and finally turn the corner at Duchess at the 9 min. mark.

So I have a bit of a race for myself tomorrow morning. Forecast for Wednesday morning is mainly sunny and 21°C.

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The Boring Runner said...

I'm not going to lie - when I read the title of this post, I thought that it was going to be about you getting cat scan.