Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Polar RS100

Well one of my teachers has waded through all the features offered on different watches and suggested the RS100. So being the trusting person I am, and the fact that my old heart rate monitor is still flashing that my heart is going to explode; I went and bought one at the Running Room today after dinner. The cashier was overjoyed that I bought it or the Dutch had won, or something, and also gave me two free bags of nuts (a $5.99 value each).

[I've been programming it for the last three hours and I believe the date is correct now. Apparently the chest band will also work with my elliptical without the wrist watch. I have also noticed that the microwave turns on and I can change channels up but not down on the TV when I walk into the room. This is all good news because the remote is usually laying behind the TV set! Another interesting thing is that I got to page 16 of the manual when I realized I was reading the French instructions. I thought it was talking about New Orleans - everywhere there was "bouton rouge".]

The watch gets a test run tomorrow - so I need to figure out how to clear the tests, and start, stop and lap time.

I used the uplink to install a logo and set an alarm! Really really cool. I even downloaded the development kit to build software that can transfer data to the watch - we'll see what it can do!

I also need to visit www.polarrunningcoach.com ... finally!


Anonymous said...

Nice watch!! What a day...new watch, free nuts, AND the Dutch won. Does it get any better?

I think that polarrunningcoach website has been renamed to www.polarpersonaltrainer.com.

From your Dutch friend.

Andrew Opala said...


The Boring Runner said...

My wife has that one and she really likes it. But, I agree - pain in the butt to program

Chris K said...

Waaaaay too small for me!

Unknown said...

The advantage of that model over the FT1 is that it displays the heart rate and workout time on the single screen. The FT1 only displaces one piece of information at a time - heart rate or workout time or time of day. Toggle between by touching the watch to the chest strap.