Sunday, July 18, 2010

Martha and Mary

Good homily today. Martha working away in the kitchen complaining to Jesus, while Mary is sitting at Jesus' feet. The idea is showing us the different ways to have a relationship with God. What can apply to running in this? I get from this that I don't need to freek-out about schedules, times, maps but need to lay back and enjoy running - that enjoyment will get me the right answer while being anal about times, techniques and equipment will not.


I think I lost my running partner for tomorrow. She's a little pressed for time in the morning and her knees hurt. I suggested she ride along on a bike since it's only a 30 minute outing, but she won't be able to. We'll see how I do on my own.


Checked out a rather expensive 2/4-bottle fuelbelt this weekend. I'm getting a little parched at the end of the longer runs and I'd like to start running with a belt and all that sloshing water. ... still looking.


The Boring Runner said...

Do you have any sort of water bottle that you run with right now? I'm a fan of both the Nathan 20oz handheld one and the Nathan 4x10oz water belt. Neither of which are very cheap. Seems like Nathan gets you for $1/oz.

Andrew Opala said...

I have a small plastic stubby that sits just above my bum. The problem is that after about 30 mins of running I want to rip it off and throw it into orbit because it's so friggin sweaty. I'm thinking of calling some of the people in the neighborhood when I run, just to come out and give me a drink when I run by. I think they will go for that since I'm such a nice guy!