Thursday, July 15, 2010

X-Training Day and Congratulations Adam

Did my weight training early in the morning and even managed to drive my nephew to Canadian Tire to buy a tube and tread for his bike so he could make it to work on time - all before breakfast at 8:15 am. Ok, as this may be the most boring post in the world, let me spice it up a bit - cayenne!

[Work with me people!]

Correct answers for the contest were (in any order):

Congratulations Adam! Adamrisu has won my half ass contest by making a correct half-ass guess of Aretha Franklin and having no clue on the others. I have no prizes in mind for this contest, but I am willing to spend a dime on something that's legal to send through the mail system. So Adam, it's your call. What do you want? I have a really nice unopened Dave and Buster's Poker set, a nice souvenir golf ball set from Le Grand Vallon ... anyway I can see that you are all now quite envious that you did not enter the contest. I shall not continue.

Let me know Adam ... I have lot's of souveniree stuff from Canada too. Maple syrup, beaver tails, moose juice, igloo balls, ...

[envy! envy!]

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The Boring Runner said...

Whooooooo! :) I saw your email too, I'll reply there. Something Canada would be fun.

Finally getting some respect. r e s p e c t.