Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fusion of Donovan Bailey and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today I "sort of" started my weight training. The training program is in my programs tab. I have always liked weight training because it didn't involve running. [Wait a second who's talking here!] "Sort of" started because I spent most of my allotted time cleaning up the weight room and trying to find a friggin broom to sweep the basement floor. Too tiring to run up stairs to get one from the closet so I found some old cardboard and tried to create a breeze and wave the dirt onto another card for about 8 minutes. [Work with me here people, I'm trying to express my bodybuilder alter-ego.] I ran through the routine with imagery and ghost weights ... blah blah blah. [Figure it out folks I wasted my time!]

I have loads of time this evening to workout in my cool basement. I read some stuff on this page, but definitely need to do more reading on this topic. I like the idea of coordinated movements rather than isolating muscles. Improving balance and power are also key things in this routine. The York system is something we all used on the various football teams I played on. [Don't forget I'll be 45 soon, so all the muscle knowledge was from body-building.]

I would really like to find out more about muscle loss and long-distance running. The info on the link above is a little creepy. I would rather become a short distance runner anyway - 100 meters ... even 50 if there is such a thing. [Really folks, look at the marathon difference in times between good and bad runners - 2 or 3 hours. 100 m dash - 4 or 5 seconds.]

BTW those two things on the right are my feet. I thought I would like to thank my Mom and Dad (both deceased) for giving them to me. They work great, they hang out with me all the time and I never leave home without them. [Please get a picture into this blog! Everybody has such nice pictures of things. Hopefully, after my first race I will have some action shots of me running and all dressed up in my race clothes. PS. I should be shedding soon.]

Also read somewhere (and did not save the link) that you can improve for 7 years and then you peak, while shorter distance runners can improve for up to 10 years. Need to do a little research on this since that would mean my best times will come when I am 52 years old.


The Boring Runner said...

You could always super impose your head on Ryan Hall's body or something. An option for pictures in the blog....

"and here I am coming in 3rd at the Boston Marathon.."

PaisleyPark4 said...

Holy nice feet