Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hair today gone tomorrow

I have a good friend who does multi-day cycle road races around the world. He's been shaving his legs for years before the race. [It's not that he has so much hair that it takes him years to shave but that he has completed shaving his legs before every race for many years.] It helps if he gets into a crash or when he gets massaged after each segment.

Although my wife is a Massage Therapist, my last massage was when she was in school 16 years ago! Plus I seldom crash when I run. So there is no reason to shave. I think cutting off my ears or at least duct-taping them to my head would help more. God knows I suck enough air when I am running to pull me along like a jet. But if I can scam a massage from my wife the first thing I'm gonna do is shave my legs!

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The Boring Runner said...

If I thought that shaving would get me free massages, I'd do it in a heart beat!