Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Complex Carbs the night before 4k

I had one baked potato yesterday
1k- 7:20
2k- 7:32
3k- 7:55
4k- 8:36
pretty crappy ... absolutely no energy

One good thing is that I drank 1 litre of water last night before bed and felt decently hydrated today.


Johann said...

I often don't eat enough and always get caught this way. I never learn!

Anonymous said...

YO! Captain here. i've been off-line and on vacation for the past week. weeeeeee!!! Love Albert Einstein's logic around the vegetarian diet. What a smart man :) I love a big pasta dinner the night before a big run. Lots of water (and a little wine too). It's all about trial and error. You'll eventurally find the magic formula for your perfect pre-run meal. We're all different.

Andrew Opala said...

Johann, do you follow a diet or do you go with what comes naturally? I am looking at making a diet and hydration program for myself. Right now I am experimenting with drinking "extra" the night before a run, and counting the complex-carb calories I eat before a race (in addition to the other calories). Then I plan to see when I feel good. I'm overweight and I'm losing about half a kilo a week, so I'm obviously not eating enough to maintain my weight, but I want to eat enough just before running to make a difference.

Captain! Long time no write! I hope your vacation was good for you. Thanks for all those 9s that have been appearing for me lately. Looks like it is a busy week for you. I've been looking at a number of areas (clothing, pace, eating, hydration, sugar drink before run), but I'm sticking to the Hal Higdon schedule. I'll finish it early, but I might just repeat the last three weeks to get me to my race date. Haven't been to a race yet (as a spectator), but I will go to one soon to see how all the stuff is organized at the start. I have one question for you regarding the chip for the shoe - what if it doesn't register? Do I need to show up at the finishers (is there such a thing?) desk to make sure it worked? (stupid question I know)

I've added a maxim from you.

wendy said...

man does not live on potatoes alone...

Chris K said...

Andrew, nice job on the water. The best money I ever spent in my life was $150 to work with a Nutritionist. I learned so much about balancing protien, fat, and carbs for optimum performance.

Andrew Opala said...

Wendy and Chris, I have a nutritionist I visit once every 6 weeks, (since it's a public clinic it's covered by the Ontario 'Socialist' health insurance - but I would gladly pay $150 to learn that 'man does not live by potatoes alone'! :)

She gave me a fun little book called the "plate mate" with magnets and colored disks to pick meals for myself for every day. And when you show up in her office she has a big filing cabinet of portion-sized rubber food that she pulls out to explain to you how much you should have on your plate. Very positive person. (Like all the runners I know!)